Low Density - High Impact

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

As a leader in low density high sustainability development we are proud members of Travelife

The Development and Operations of our resort conforms to the industries of higest standards in sustainability, culminating in our Travelife Gold certification.


Keeping true to our eco-chic hideout beliefs, our villas are luxurious, spacious, comfortable and private in nature. Our villas offer great open architecture, natural ventilations and of course have fans besides all other modern-day comforts like outdoor showers, his and her vanity tables, comfortable bedding and so forth. At night a cool breeze from the ocean and the sounds of the waves adds to a great natural experience to sleep at night while keeping our eco-footprint as small as possible.

For guests seeking a little cooling, all villas have air conditioning in the bedrooms if you prefer to close up the windows and doors at night.

Koh Jum Beach Villas Eco Policy

  • We use low energy and energy conserving lighting. Lighting is on timers to reduce energy.
  • Our furniture comprise of pieces made from bamboo and recycled wood.
  • The construction wood is from sustainable sources.
  • Toilet paper is made from recycled papers.
  • The cleaning products and detergents are low VOC. High VOC products are toxic to the environment and general health.
  • We recycle as much paper and cardboard waste as possible.
  • Our villas are constructed to make use of the natural sea breezes to minimise the need to use air conditioners.
  • Our air conditioners operate using smart remote controls that control the min temp to minimise energy consumption.
  • Air conditioners are energy star products.
  • Our roofs are insulated to promote heat reflection to keep the interiors cool.
  • The bathrooms have low flush toilets.
  • We provide bicycles free of charge to guests to explore the island reducing the need for taxi and motorcycle use.
  • Our organic garden provides food to the restaurant, cutting down on carbon footprint involved in transportation.
  • We compost our organic waste and have a no burn policy.
  • We offer a non smoking environment.
  • We provide cloth shopping bags, so guests don't have to use plastic bags when they shop in the village.
  • We don't use any disposable plates or cutlery in the restaurant or in packed lunches.
  • We provide free to our guests natural mosquito repellent and coils.
  • All staff are involved and aware of their environment and do their best to protect.
  • As well as offering boat excursions we really push the local island tours so our guests can experience true Thailand without creating a large carbon footprint.
  • We provide all-natural, organic soap, amenities and oils to our guests in the villas and massage room in ceramic dispensers, eliminating the use of single use plastic containers.
  • We provide bamboo cotton buds.
  • We have 37.4kw solar energy
  • We have our own bottle water plant and use glass bottles for drinking water. Drinking water is provide free to the guests. This cuts down on the use of plastic and transportation.
  • We have our own ice machine produce by the purified water. This also saves on transportation.
  • We clean the beach from plastic waste and recycle on a daily, or more if required, basis.
  • Our staff is the driving force of “Trash Hero” on the island.

Sustainable Design

Despite the castaway feel and general atmosphere of the resort and island, we do offer in-villa WiFi as well at the bar for guests who like to stay in touch with loved ones. Luxury in our opinion is an abundance of undisturbed nature, the preservation of culture, generous space, privacy, opportunities to be “disconnected” where and when desired, real experiences, true emotions, genuine and passionate personal service and so on.

Natural materials used in the architecture, together with a beautiful island setting and excellent personal service, great food and drinks support our philosophy of “Genuine Natural Luxury Island Living”.

The resort is designed in such a way to ensure the highest levels of sustainability. Whilst most villas have airconditioning, it is very pleasant to sleep at night with just the fan as natural air circulation is well planned into the design of each villa keeping the areas naturally cool.

Koh Jum Beach Villas Sustainable Policy

  • Our property was an old coconut and cashew plantation. Many of these trees are still on the property as well as new ones being planted.
  • We are planting mangrove trees to also help with erosion.
  • We have our own plant nursery where we plant seeds or take cuttings to continue to enhance our gardens and to regenerate the coastal beach forest.
  • Our beachfront is protected with large natural stones to prevent beach erosion and to absorb the energy from waves and not deflecting the energy to neighbouring properties.
  • We have less than 15% of the land developed with buildings.
  • Our organic garden and fruit trees planted throughout the property provide the restaurant with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Our workforce of about 70 people is over 90% local from the island.
  • We donate to the local schools and community events.
  • We sponsor football and other sports teams.
  • We provide zero interest loans for employees.
  • We provide zero interest loans for locals to start businesses.
  • We host and sponsor Lanta Animal Welfare. They come for a three to four day dog and cat sterilization program twice per year.


Tourism Authority of Thailand

Responsible Thailand Awards 2020
the Eco Lodge/Hotel Category