Low Density - High Impact

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

A leader in low density
high sustainability development

The Development and Operations of our resort is conforming to some of the higest standards in sustainability. We work closely with the local community and buy nearly all produce locally from the island.


Keeping true to our eco-chic hideout beliefs, our villas, although luxurious, spacious, comfortable and private in nature, do not offer television. Our villas, however, do offer great open architecture, natural ventilations and of course have fans besides all other modern day comforts like outdoor showers, his and her vanity tables, comfortable bedding and so forth. At night a cool breeze from the ocean and the sounds of the waves adds to a great natural experience to sleep at night while keeping our eco-footprint as small as possible.

Guests seeking a little cooling or prefer to close up the windows and doors at night when sleeping can also choose from a wide variety of accommodations as we do offer several villas with air-conditioning bedrooms.

Sustainable Design

Despite the castaway feel and general atmosphere of the resort and island, we do offer in-villa WiFi as well at the bar for guests who like to stay in touch with loved ones. Luxury in our opinion is an abundance of undisturbed nature, the preservation of culture, generous space, privacy, opportunities to be “disconnected” where and when desired, real experiences, true emotions, genuine and passionate personal service and so on.

Natural materials used in the architecture, together with a beautiful island setting and excellent personal service, great food and drinks support our philosophy of “Genuine Natural Luxury Island Living”.

The resort is designed in such a way to ensure the highest levels of sustainability. Whilst most villas have airconditioning, it is very pleasant to sleep at night with just the fan as natural air circulation is well planned into the design of each villa keeping the areas naturally cool.