Thai & Cuisine of the World
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The sharing of food is a primal bonding ritual and most certainly a must when it comes to Thai culture. Thais are generous hosts and believe strongly in the spirit of hosting, sharing and giving. This fabulous approach to life is a central theme at our restaurant at Koh Jum Beach Villas. Indulge in some of the most fantastic cuisine available in Thailand and choose from a wide variety of daily specials prepared by our chef and dictated by what the season suggests and discover together with your loved ones the cuisine of Thailand.

ABOUT Dining

Our cuisine concept is centered around the use of fresh organic ingredients, many of which come from our own garden. Our seafood is sourced from local suppliers who use sustainable traditional methods. Taste the difference in our salads, Thai curries and fish dishes.

Our guests will also appreciate our selection of international cuisine, with Italian, French, and Mediterranean dishes all represented. Should there be something you like and do not see on the menu, or if you have special dietary requirements please do not hesitate to inform us. Our chef and his team will always do his utmost to accommodate you.

Our daily themed specials from the board have proven to be exceptionally popular with our guests. Regular themes include Indian, Italian, Steak and Seafood Barbecue, Gourmet Pizza, and Thai Fusion. For any guests with special dietary requirements please contact the resort directly (om@kohjumbeachvillas.com), we will be happy to tailor your culinary experience accordingly.