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Intuitive Clarity & Balance Life Coaching

Our Intuitive Clarity & Balance Life Coaching is more than just a session; it’s a transformative experience. Unearth your inner strengths, gain clarity on life’s challenges, and embrace a balanced approach to living. Step into a space of growth, understanding, and profound self-awareness.

Session Availability

Duration: 90 minutes


Monday to Friday 9:30am to 6pm*

Weekend courses offered upon request*

1 session and 4 session packages available

Complimentary 30-minute discovery session offered

*Subject to availability

About Intuitive Clarity & Balance Life Coaching

Rediscover your balance in the midst of success with our exclusive 90-minute intuitive life coaching sessions, personally guided by our experienced Life Coach and Wellness Coordinator, Kaye. Tailored for the accomplished individual and their partner alike, Kaye’s expertise ensures that these sessions resonate deeply with your unique needs.

With years of experience working with clients from diverse backgrounds, Kaye’s intuitive approach is designed to help you de-stress, gain fresh perspectives, and create a harmonious balance between your professional achievements, home life, and personal fulfilment. Her ability to unlock limiting beliefs and navigate life’s complexities fosters harmony and fulfilment, even in the most demanding schedules.

Kaye’s commitment to authenticity and her gentle yet powerful presence add a distinctive touch to each session, ensuring a transformative experience that goes beyond mere coaching. Whether you are looking to redefine success, enhance relationships, or simply cultivate a more balanced lifestyle, her insights, support, and strategies offer a personalised path towards well-being.

Wellness Contact

Contact Kaye, our Wellness Coordinator about your wellness or retreat enquiries here.