Active Wellness

Energise, Explore, Engage

Nourish The Body Through Action

Immerse yourself in our array of invigorating activities—from paddle boarding on crystalline waters to exploring the island’s wonders on a bicycle. Whether you prefer a calming kayak ride or an energising workout in our gym, each of our offerings aligns with our core wellness philosophy, inviting you to deeply connect with the natural beauty surrounding you and promises to elevate your physical well-being while nurturing your spirit.

How to book

Fitness Gym – Open All Day

SUP, Kayak, Bicycles 

Available everyday from Guest Services*

8:00 until 18:30 

*subject to availability

About Active Wellness

Dive into a dynamic blend of fitness and adventure during your stay with us. Whether you’re taking to the water, exploring on wheels, or engaging in a traditional workout, you’ll discover the perfect balance of physical vitality and natural serenity, elevating your holistic wellness journey.

Wellness Contact

Contact Kaye, our Wellness Coordinator about your wellness or retreat enquiries here.