Introducing Koh Jum - Krabi
The last great place

Welcome to Koh Jum

Koh Jum (aka "Ko Pu"), a relatively unknown tropical island paradise in the Andaman Sea only thirty minutes by boat from Krabi mainland. The island with its great beaches and ultra relaxing atmosphere has been mostly left untouched and has few visitors, which makes it an idyllic island for a hideaway holiday.

The northern part of the island is locally known as "Ko Pu" whilst the southern part, and the actual name of the island itself, is called Koh Jum. Although some consider the island remote it really is not. Koh Jum is easily accessible from Krabi and there are daily long-tail taxi boats going up and down to the main land in Krabi. There is nowadays also twenty-four hour electricity on the island (which some remote places won't have in Thailand) and Koh Jum is located just before Koh Lanta so in essence it is about half the time to travel to Koh Jum from Krabi then it is to Koh Lanta.

Whilst neighbouring Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi have been invaded by mass-tourism, Koh Jum's local communities managed to preserve the island, its culture and its natural surroundings. Koh Jum is really the last great place for those seeking what Thai beach life was all about several decades ago.

Koh Jum's coast is dotted with colourful long tail boats which are still used for fishing. Three small villages thrive mostly on fishing but there are a few places that have setup great little hang-outs to welcome travellers that visit.

There are great little places around the island to meet people although quite a few places do close down during the rainy season. Koh Jum Beach Villas and a handful of other places remain open however because despite term "rainy season" the weather is often still very pleasant. Also, the lush forests thrive during the evening or late night showers.

Nature lovers won't be disappointed either as the lush and dense forests on the northern part of the island are truly fantastic and full of wildlife. Guests may explore the forest with the help of experienced guides. Around the island are lush mangrove forests which protect the beautiful beaches and its animal kingdom.

The coral sand on the beaches, it's clear and clean aquamarine water and of course the amazing sunsets with Phi Phi in the background assure visitors to Koh Jum to have a great time.

The island of Koh Jum and its beaches

Above: Koh Jum is covered in lush tropical forests with deserted beaches and stunning views into the Phi Phi Natural marine Park.

As Koh Jum is located very close to the Phi Phi National Marine Park and surrounded by stunning reefs it makes it a great place for diving and snorkelling. Believe it or not, even with lots of visitors to Phi Phi or Koh Lanta there are still quiet places around and the only dive school on Koh Jum, Koh Jum Divers, knows exactly where to take you for quiet snorkelling or diving if so desired.

The really great thing about Koh Jum itself is that its away from busy tourist destinations. Here one can often wander around the island or even go island hopping without ever meeting another traveller. Having a stroll on the wide golden sandy beaches quite often means that you won't see anybody else.

The local people of Koh Jum, even though they have kept themselves away from mass-development, are well known in Krabi for their friendly, warm and hospitable characteristics. Therefore, travellers seeking a true, genuine and authentic Thai experience will quickly feel at home on Koh Jum.

The island of Koh Jum and its beaches

Above: View from the beach in front of Koh Jum Beach Villas towards Ko Pu.

The island has few roads and even less traffic. This makes it perfect to explore the island and its quiet beaches by bike, explore some local southern cuisine, or just go for nice walks along the shore. Koh Jum Beach Villas itself is located on a four kilometre stretch of beach which gives great sunset views over Phi Phi, the perfect setting for an evening stroll along the beach or sipping on cocktails in front of our resort.

Koh Jum has three small villages which are easy accessible by bike or local taxi from our resort if you like to venture out and experience the local life. To the north there is "Baan Ko Pu", a sleepy little village with some nice hang-outs whilst the southern "Baan Koh Jum" is the more thriving town where there is a mini mart, some eateries and restaurants and a pier.

Whilst the island promotes a laid-back atmosphere with very basic and sometimes primitive facilities which can be great for a day out or to get away from everything, Koh Jum Beach Villas wanted to bring a little more sophistication and a touch of luxury to the destination so that our guests can still experience the island life but at night also have a comfortable place to drink, dine and sleep with all comforts of a typical luxury resort.

For travellers seeking a true retro Thai island experience in its purest form then a visit to Koh Jum is an absolute must!